Does your dog act in any of the following ways?

  • Ignoring you
  • General disobedience
  • Jumping up
  • Mouthing or nipping
  • Biting or aggression towards people
  • Aggression to dogs
  • Not returning when called
  • Destructive behaviour when left at home
  • Excessive howling or barking
  • Unwanted chewing
  • Nervousness or fear
  • Over excitability/hyperactivity
  • Chasing animals, worrying sheep and livestock
  • House training problems
  • Chasing people, bikes or cars
  • Have you a Court case pending?

Rewarding Dogs CAN help:

Mike Grantham, founder of Rewarding Dogs, provides a specialised service to solve your pet's problems in a caring, gentle and effective way.

Mike is a leading authority in dog behaviour and training; more than 30 years of experience in helping owners who have struggled with the behaviour of their dogs.

You can rely on Rewarding Dogs:

Based in Inverness...... helping all over Scotland

  • We get to the root of the problems
  • All ages and breeds of dog
  • Leading professional behaviourist in Scotland
  • Fantastic success rate, achieved through natural empathy with your dog
  • On-going support

Areas we cover:

  • Inverness
  • Highlands
  • Edinburgh
  • Glasgow
  • Aberdeen
  • Dundee
  • Perth
  • Grampion

Testimonial - Millie and Molly

I approached Mike – who had been recommended to me – to assist with strong chase instincts and biting an 8 year old girl. I had been formally charged under the dangerous dogs act and a court appearance beckoned. To me, my 2 silver Labradors could do no wrong but it soon became evident that I needed help.

Mike has been fantastic. We worked together at various locations over 3 months and completely changed the behaviour of the dogs. As a result, Mike was able to prepare a statement for the court which helped keep the dogs from being destroyed. His techniques, experience and knowledge of dog behaviour are unparalleled and without his invaluable help I would not have my dogs with me today.

Mike understands what I (as a dog owner) needed to do – most of it was a change in my behaviour. His teaching methods and soft spoken approach hit the nail of the head. I owe him an invaluable amount of gratitude and would highly recommend him to anyone who has a problem with their dog.

Ron Taylor

There is a solution for every problem. With dogs the solution starts by calling Mike on 01463 230 757

If you are reading this wondering whether or not to book a session with Mike - I say go for it, you won't look back - other than with relief that you did. - Yvonne R.

Dog Training Milly and Molly
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