Build a positive relationship with your dog

Rewarding Dogs identifies the root cause of dog behaviour problems and provides a lasting solution.

My name is Mike Grantham; with more than 30 years of experience and a lifetime working and studying with leading dog trainers and behaviourists, I have developed a proven approach to help with all the problems a dog can either develop or inherit.

I will visit you in your home so I can see your pet in their natural environment. A typical consultation and assessment will last at least half a day, after which I will design an individually tailored behaviour modification programme for your dog. This is followed up with a professional report detailing the recommendations we drew up at my visit. In the majority of cases the initial consultation will solve the problem, however I am always there for support afterwards and can arrange follow up visits if necessary. Dogs are fantastic pets, companions and friends. If problems develop which affect your relationship with each other, give me a call today.

Rewarding Dogs is one of the leading dog behaviour specialists:

  • Help with all types of behavioural problems
  • You'll learn how to build a positive relationship of mutual trust and mutual respect with the dog becoming your willing and co-operative junior partner
  • Continuing back up and support
  • Detailed programme tailored to you and your dog
  • Gentle and effective
  • I actually understand and can communicate with dogs

Call Rewarding Dogs today:

  • Excellent reputation; something I work very hard to keep
  • Consulted privately by vets about problems with their own dogs
  • Based in Inverness I work all across Scotland
  • Unique understanding and outstanding record in the rehabilitation of problem dogs

Mike gets to the root of the problem, finds the reason for misbehaviour, before explaining it to the owner and drawing up an appropriate behaviour modification programme.

Rewarding Dogs is here for you:

For difficult problems Mike can arrange to stay with you for a few days, to work intensively with you, your family and your dog. In exceptional cases he can take your dog into his home for a few weeks to sort out deep-seated issues.

 Dog trainer  Mike with pet dog

Don't put up with bad habits or behaviour any longer. Call anytime for helpful advice or to arrange a consultation on 01463 230 757

Mike has featured in the media. His "Problem Dogs" series was one of the most popular with viewers and internal staff at Grampian Television. Carrie Watt, Producer, commented - "It's been amazing to see how the dogs' behaviour has changed for the better after even a few weeks of Mike's help."

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